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Description of RainViewer Weather Radars and Alerts

RainViewer shows the current conditions by using the Doppler-radar towers closest to your location. With your permission, RainViewer will alert you when rain, storms or snow are approaching your area and tell you exactly when they will reach your area; not a daily or hourly forecast: RainViewer forecasts are to the minute.

RainViewer comes with an optional widget that puts a local and country-wide view of current weather conditions on your home screen.

If you travel for business, RainViewer’s broad coverage map supports you in thousands of locations around the world. If you drive your children to school, you’ll know if your route is clear. And you’ll know when to bring your umbrella, to keep your clothes and hair dry.

RainViewer’s precipitation coverage includes Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America.

RainViewer focuses on precipitation showing you:

• Rain

• Snow

• Hail

• Thunderstorms

• Tornados, hurricanes, and typhoons

RainViewer also allows you to see Doppler radar tracking for the last two or six hours - see how fast a storm has moved, how intense it’s been, and what direction it’s moved in so far.

You can customize RainViewer in the following ways:

• Choose your colour scheme: 11 different options

• Choose your animation speed: Normal or Fast

• Choose map type: Normal, Hybrid or Satellite

• Choose to view the location of Doppler-radar towers

• Choose to view RainViewer’s coverage map

If you would prefer to see an ad-free version of RainViewer, you can make an in-app purchase of RainViewer’s Premium Features pack. The Premium Features pack also gives you access to Doppler-radar tracking for the previous 24 hours.


RainViewer is a labor of love for its developer Oleksii Schastlyvyi. Oleksii is obsessed with rain. He began creating his first weather-related software in 2006. His years of experience enabled him to create the most accurate application available for tracking rain and storms: RainViewer!

As new technologies emerge in weather tracking, you can depend on Oleksii to update RainViewer; it will always be the most accurate way to track the rain. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

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